Can You Drive On Beach Oregon?

Drive On Beach Oregon

In this post, you’ll discover which beaches in Beach Oregon are suitable for driving on and some advice for doing so.

Numerous outdoor activities, Tillamook cheese, artisan beer, excellent coffee, and rain are some of Oregon’s other trademarks. The Oregon Coast is where you can see all of these things for yourself!

On a few Oregon beaches, vehicles are permitted on the sand. These areas include Sunset Beach Recreation Area, Tierra Del Mar, and the Lincoln City Beach Area.

Please read this article to learn more about driving on Beach Oregon.

Can You Drive On Beach Oregon?

The quick response is yes. But from there, things become a little trickier.

While driving is permitted on some beaches during particular months, seasons, and times of day, some beaches have restricted driving access. There are many beaches that do not allow driving (Seaside, Lincoln City, Cannon Beach, etc). But we’ll concentrate on a select location where driving is permitted on the sand.

What Beaches Can You Drive On In Oregon?

You can drive on Lincoln City Beach Area, Tierra Del Mar, and Sunset Beach Recreation Area.

Lincoln City Beach Area, Oregon

Lincoln City Beach Area, Oregon

This beach region is the ideal location for tourists searching for a fantastic beach getaway in Oregon where they may drive their car on the beach and yet take in wildlife, nature, and the beauty of the ocean.

It is a must-do experience with seven miles of beach to explore and a local entry point off 15th Street for drivers to get up up and personal with their car.

To avoid unintentionally getting their vehicle trapped, drivers on this beach should be aware of the weather and the tide. In this beach area, you are permitted to drive your car on the sand up to a designated parking spot but not along the beach as if it were a road.

Along with this pleasant advantage, visitors to this beach area can enjoy a wide range of other activities, including whale watching, museums, outdoor leisure areas, specialty shopping, elegant eating experiences, and a wide variety of works of art.

Tierra Del Mar Beach Area, Oregon

Tierra Del Mar Beach Area, Oregon

This beach is the ideal break for tourists looking to stop at a beach where they can drive their car that isn’t too far from Portland.

Tierra Del Mar is extraordinary, and to say so is an understatement. With its magnificently tall green trees, jaw-dropping cliffs, and spectacular dunes that beckon to the Pacific Ocean, Oregon’s entire coastal region is still absolutely breathtaking.

Tierra Del Mar is a beach that motorists should not skip if they wish to use their car to travel alongside the Pacific Ocean.

Visitors should review the local laws and regulations before visiting this beach because there are particular seasons, hours of the day, and other driving restrictions.

It is usually important for travelers to investigate before organizing their vacation in order to avoid disappointment because the rules are changing frequently surrounding this sport.

Outdoor activities like paragliding are excellent here, as is simply taking in the breathtaking scenery.

This region offers a wide range of activities, including museums, outstanding eating, lighthouses, several paths, parks to discover, and gift stores to keep everyone entertained while taking a break from the beach fun.

There are several possibilities for those who want to stay the night so they may completely appreciate this location, including rental homes that bring nature right to their door.

Sunset Beach Recreation Area, Oregon

Sunset Beach Recreation Area, Oregon

There are defined parking spaces and driving lanes in this beach area. Beaches in Oregon were regarded as a part of the public highway system as early as the 1900s.

Even if things have altered since then, some beach sections are still reserved for parking and driving.

Visitors to this area should get information about any changes that may have been made from the park or be ready for that possibility. The situation with regard to driving on the beach is quickly evolving.

Those that are interested in exploring this subject will have a lot to do in the interim. The Clatsop Beach Peninsula Area includes this lengthy section that extends across a considerable distance.

In addition to the beach, there are many of other enjoyable things to do, such as dining and shopping as well as outdoor sports. The legacy of Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery is deeply ingrained in the region. Hunting, fishing, camping, canoeing, kayaking, and archery are just a few of the activities that outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy.

Driving is permitted in some regions, but there may be restrictions during busier hours and seasons. In order to comply with the rules, visitors should verify the most recent information and policies.

Fort Stevens State Park in Oregon is another excellent spot for beach driving. This park offers a wide range of services and activities, as well as special guidelines for driving on the beach. Before visiting this region, visitors should check the webpage for the most recent information.

Tips for Driving on the Beach

Here are some tips for driving on the beach:

All-Wheel Drive

If you have an All-Wheel Drive or 4-Wheel Drive car, kindly avoid driving on the beach. You won’t have as much fun going to the beach if too many people get trapped in the sand. If you drive a 4WD car, be sure to only engage 4WD when traveling on sand, and don’t forget to deactivate it before returning to pavement.

Know The Tide

Drive On Beach Oregon

Before you get to the beach, be sure to check the tide. You don’t want to get stranded attempting to get out of the water because the sandy beach area can quickly shrink once the tide starts to come in. It’s usually best to stay off the beach entirely when the tide is high.

Reduce Tire Pressure

It’s a good idea to lower your tire pressure before you enter the sand, particularly if it’s quite deep. You can keep your car on the sand’s surface by reducing tire pressure because your tires won’t sink quite as far. Wider footprints on lighter tires make navigating the beach much simpler. This lessens the possibility of getting stuck. Depending on the car you’re driving and the tires it has, you should lower the tire pressure to 10-20 psi for your trip to the Oregon Coast.

Don’t “Gun It”

Once your tires touch the sand, it could feel natural to accelerate rapidly. On the sand, though, going slowly will work in your favor. Following the tracks of automobiles that have gone before you will help you find your way around the beach more quickly.

Staying on this sand can help to prevent getting trapped because it is denser. Don’t stop until you are at your destination after you start driving. However, watch out for kids creating sand castles while wearing Crocs. If ever your wheels begin to spin out, do not try to correct the situation by pressing the gas pedal harder.

Bring a Shovel

Beach Oregon

It’s helpful to have a shovel in the back of your car to help you out if your luck runs out and you do become trapped. It may be advantageous to clear some space in front of your tires. Once you’ve removed some sand, compact some more sand into a flat “ramp” in front of the tire to help your wheels regain traction so you can escape.

Clean Up

This advice must be emphasized. Please be sure to tidy up after yourself before leaving the beach if you want to go there.

Conclusion: Enjoy Your Drive on Oregon Beach!

The Lincoln City Beach Area, Tierra Del Mar, and Sunset Beach Recreation Area are just a few great locations where visitors to the state of Oregon can still drive right up on the sand and enjoy the beach from their car.

There are still a few great places where this can be done, but the trend is quickly shifting due to environmental and safety concerns. Before traveling, it is crucial to check websites and current information to be informed.


Can You Drive Down the Coast of Oregon?

Given Oregon’s 363 miles of coastline, it should come as no surprise that traveling along the coast by car is one of the state’s most iconic activities. Known as Highway 101, it follows the coastline as small fishing communities dot the water’s edge.

Can I Drive to Cannon Beach Oregon?

The Cannon Beach Police Department or the Oregon Department of Parks and Recreation must have issued a permit for motor vehicles to be on the beach.

Are Private Beaches Legal in Oregon?

State and federal courts have upheld Oregon’s right to control development on those lands and maintain public access, even though some portions of the beach are still privately owned.

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