Waimanalo Falls: Here’s What You Need to Know

waimano falls

In order to make your visit to Waimanalo Falls as enjoyable as possible, we’ll provide you with some advice.

A popular waterfall hike on Oahu is to Waimano Falls. Although it’s an intermediate hike, it’s also lovely and rewarding. If the conditions are right, it’s also among the best spots on Oahu for cliff jumping.

This hike is truly amazing, but there’s a big catch that might make a difference for you. Make sure you are ready before beginning the Waimano Loop Trail by reading on.

Waimano Falls: the Manana Ridge Trail

  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Distance: 2.9 miles (round trip)
  • Elevation Gain: 810 ft
  • Route Type: Out & back
  • How Long Does it Take: About 2 hours round trip
  • Highlights of the Trail: Waimano Falls, pool, rope swings

How to Get to Waimano Falls?

In Pearl City, Oahu, there is a place called Waimano Falls. The most convenient method of transportation is by car.

  • From Waikiki, take the I-H-1-W
  • I-H-1-W should be continued, followed by I-H-201 W and I-H-1 W to Moanalua Road in Waimalu.
  • Take exit 10 from I-H-1 W, then turn right onto Moanalua Rd
  • Turn right onto Waimano Home Rd
  • Turn left onto Komo Mai Dr and take this road all the way to the end

Length of the Waimano Falls Hike

A 2.9-mile roundtrip hike to Waimano Falls is required. It is not very well marked, like many trails in the Hawaiian islands. This means that if you don’t keep an eye on things, you might end up taking a wrong turn and lengthening your hike.

There are arrows painted on a few trees, and some ribbons are tied to trees, but it’s easy to miss them. By accidentally missing some of the markers, I unintentionally extended my hike by 30 minutes.

waimano falls

The Waimano Falls Trail Difficulty

Though less than 1.5 miles in each direction might not seem like a particularly long hike, it is more challenging than you might anticipate. The moderate elevation gain and loss on the trail makes it harder to navigate.

Waimano trails are consistently rated a moderately difficult hike, which to me generally means that you should plan on being able to jog all the way down and back.

The trail has ropes tied to trees in some particularly steep spots so that you can pull yourself up. Although you won’t be climbing a mountain, you should be ready to use your upper body strength nonetheless.

Parking at Waimano Falls

A residential area has parking available. Parking may be required a distance from the trailhead depending on when you arrive.

Observe proper parking procedures and show consideration for the neighborhood. Avoid blocking mailboxes or driveways, and try not to be too loud.

Tips for Hiking to Waimano Falls

waimano falls
  • Check the weather: Ensure that rain has fallen in recent days in order for the waterfall to be flowing.
  • Use caution: The trail can become slippery in some places, especially after rain. To assist you in safely descending, some sections have ropes.
  • Wear proper hiking shoes for Hawaii: On this hike, my Keen sandals worked really well.
  • Pack food and water: Never go on a hike without food and water. For obvious reasons, this is very significant.
  • Bring insect repellent: This is essential, especially if you hike in the summer. On this trail, mosquitoes can be a major nuisance.
  • Know your abilities: Most people can complete this hike, but before beginning, be sure you are prepared.

Conclusion: One of the Best Oahu Hikes

The Waimano Falls Hike is a fantastic way to burn off some energy, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get to see the waterfall in all its splendor. To ensure that the waterfall is flowing, just make sure it has recently rained.

I consider this to be one of the best hikes on Oahu, provided that the waterfall and pools are present. Although difficult, it is not overly demanding.

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How Long is Waimano Trail?

Check out this 2.9-mile out-and-back trail near It typically takes 1 hour and 41 minutes to complete the route from Pearl City, Oahu, which is regarded as difficult. Since hiking is very popular in this region, you might run into other hikers while doing your exploration.

What is the Hardest Hike on Oahu?

Koko Crater Trail. On Oahu, the Koko Crater Trail is the only challenging hike you need to consider. To reach the top of Koko Crater, one must ascend more than 1,000 steps along a defunct railroad track.

What is the Easiest Hike in Oahu?

The easiest hike on Oahu is Waimea Valley Hike. It doesn’t get as hot as some of the other hikes, has a gradual climb, and is paved. In addition, you’ll get to stroll through a botanical garden and finish your hike at a waterfall that is ideal for a quick swim.

Do I Need a Guide to Hike to Waimano Falls?

Although a guide is not necessary, it is always a good idea to go on hikes with a friend.

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