Why Carry A Crayon When Traveling? Is It Useful?


It is said that you should carry a crayon in your wallet when traveling. But is it really useful? Read this article and learn the reasons, advantages, and disadvantages of carrying a crayon in your wallet when traveling.

People are more than willing to share a variety of traveling “hacks” with you. Why keep a crayon with you on the road? 

In essence, crayons aid in maintaining financial order. When holding paper or cash, the wallet frequently slants. The crayon effectively shields the wallet from this issue.

Please read this article to learn more about carrying a crayon in your wallet when traveling.

Why Carry A Crayon In Your Wallet When You Travel?

When traveling, crayons come in handy because you’ll need to mark maps, signs, and other crucial locations. They can also be used to jot down information that you might need.

When traveling, using crayons can be a lot of fun. You can call attention to particular regions of the globe that you’d like to travel through. You may be interested in Why Put Bags On Car Mirrors When Traveling Alone?

When visiting a foreign country for the first time, bringing a crayon along can help you sketch the area. Here are some reasons why you should consider carrying crayons:

Put a Crayon in Your Wallet When Traveling

Write a Check

Because what do you do in an emergency if your cash and credit cards are lost? You could be facing a serious issue! Well, using a crayon to write a check is an age-old hack that works everywhere.

Why on earth would you do that, you might be asking. But hold on, this is true! Yes, it will work because most people are unfamiliar with checks and most likely aren’t able to read one.

Therefore, if someone steals your wallet or purse, they won’t have any idea what a typical checking account is because it contains your credit cards, driver’s license, and checkbook.

As a result, you can sign a check to yourself for a sizeable sum of money that is not in your account.

That will undoubtedly draw attention to the thief, who will probably call someone about it. When the police arrive, you can tell them where your wallet is and get it.

Crayons Are Cheap

On long bus or plane rides, crayons can be a great way to keep kids occupied. They are inexpensive, convenient to pack, and useful for a range of tasks. Here are some ideas for using crayons while traveling:

  • Trace pictures of your destination on the window or Plexiglas in front of you
  • Draw pictures of your family and friends while you’re waiting at the airport
  • Make a picture book while you’re on vacation
Put a Crayon in Your Wallet When Traveling

They’re Easy to Pack

Be sure to bring some crayons on your upcoming vacation. As they are simple to pack, having a crayon with you can be useful when you’re traveling.

Children Love Them

When traveling, crayons can be very practical. They are ideal for making a quick sketch or taking a quick note because they are portable and small. They are fantastic for adding excitement to your travel souvenirs or coloring pictures. You may be interested in Where To Put Your Baby To Sleep When Traveling?

You Can Use Them Anywhere

Crayons are useful to have when traveling. They are space-efficient and versatile due to their small size. They can be used to annotate maps, record notes, or create sketches.

Making the Most of Your Travel Experience

Interesting additions to a traveler’s toolkit include crayons. They can be used as a writing tool in addition to being used for drawing and coloring.

Here are some ways carrying a crayon can be helpful while traveling:

  • Maps and guidebooks can be colored using crayons. This is especially useful if you’re visiting a foreign country and don’t speak the language.
  • When you’re lost, you can also use crayons to jot down phone numbers and addresses. So that you won’t have to look it up later, write down the information whenever you have a moment.
  • Finally, crayons can be used to make sketches of your surroundings to help you reorient yourself if you ever find yourself lost in a remote area.

When is It Safe to Use a Crayon While Traveling?

When traveling, having a crayon on hand can be useful because it can be used to sign paperwork or jot down notes. Crayons can be harmful if not used properly, so it’s important to keep that in mind.

There is a chance that a broken crayon will end up in the eyes or other delicate areas. In addition, if crayons are left behind, they can stain materials and clothing.

Advantage Of Crayon In Your Wallet

  • When you need it, it is always there for you. When you are in your room, you never consider the possibility of needing a crayon, but when you are out and about, the possibilities are endless—whether you’re in an airport, strolling through the city, or riding in a taxi!
  • It’s extremely unlikely that anyone will check your wallet.
  • A crayon is more convincing than a regular pen because you can’t become wealthy using a pen, at least.
  • It is simple to hold and use for writing.
  • Unlike pens, crayons won’t dry out (though you can always buy new ones at any office supply store).
  • The check also allows for the drawing of your home!

Disadvantages Of Crayon In Your Wallet

Put a Crayon in Your Wallet When Traveling
  • Because they don’t know who you are or whether there are enough funds in your account, your bank might refuse to accept the check, but that’s your problem, not the thief’s.
  • Though the police will take you to a nice, private room and search you, don’t worry if you get arrested for forgery or fraud. (While you’re there, you can give them all of your cash and credit cards.)
  • Inform the person who tries this ruse on you that you will cash the check at a bank. Possibly the thief will flee! In this situation, call the police and ask them to send a net.
  • If you need a crayon right away, it might not be there; perhaps there is no front-desk staff at your hotel, or no one on the street speaks English.
  • The bank will try to sue you and impose a hefty fee if you overdraw.

How Can A Crayon Save Your Life?

There are numerous ways that a crayon can save your life. For example, if a building is on fire, you can use a crayon to write something on the wall to let rescuers know where you are.

If you ever get lost in the wilderness, you can mark your trail with a crayon so you can return home. In an emergency, crayons can be used to start a fire.

Why Keep A Green Crayon In Your Wallet?

Put a Crayon in Your Wallet When Traveling

A green crayon can be useful for many things, from making a quick note to signaling for assistance. You may want to keep a green crayon in your wallet for the following reasons:

Green Crayons Are Ideal For Making Quick Notes

A green crayon can be useful when you need to remember something while out shopping or while attending a meeting.

Using A Green Crayon To Signal For Help

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to signal for assistance, a green crayon can be a helpful tool. A green crayon, for instance, can be used to signal for help if you get lost in the woods.

Making Art

You can also use a green crayon. Green crayons can be used to create masterpieces if you’re ever feeling particularly artistic. 4. An emergency light can be made from a green crayon in case of a power outage.
It is sufficient light to see if you simply hold the crayon up to some paper.

Finding Things In The Dark

If you drop something in the dark and are having trouble finding it, a green crayon may be able to help. To find what you’re looking for, simply hold the crayon close to the ground. This will illuminate the area.

How To Store A Crayon In Your Wallet?

Put a Crayon in Your Wallet When Traveling

Keeping your crayons secure and organized while traveling is crucial. Here are a few tips to help you do just that:

  • Always keep your crayons in a container or case for protection. It won’t be harmed during transportation if this is done.
  • You should keep your crayons in order of color. For instance, red and green crayons should be kept apart from blue crayons when storing them. In case you need to use a crayon while traveling, you will know which one it is if you do this.
  • Keep your crayon in its case or container when not in use to prevent rust or dust buildup. In addition to making it simpler to use when you need it, this will keep the crayon in good condition.
  • Be sure to properly dispose of used crayons. Never dispose of them with regular trash as this can harm the environment. Instead, carefully recycle them or put them in a box for kids to take home and play with.
  • Crayons should be kept safe in a container or case. They won’t be as likely to get lost or damaged while traveling if this is done. Make certain the case is robust and big enough to hold all the crayons being transported.
  • Spare children’s crayons from sharp objects. Crayons are small, but if a sharp object strikes them, they can easily become projectiles. Keep the number of sharp objects in the child’s environment to a minimum and store them away when not in use.
  • I favor using a tiny envelope. I make use of an ATM card-sized envelope from the bank. I’ll then trim the crayon to fit it into my wallet. This prevents it from destroying the contents of your wallet. And it appears that Crayola is the best crayon brand. Compared to cheap knockoffs, it is more resilient and of higher quality.

Should You Use the Crayon Trick?

Put a Crayon in Your Wallet When Traveling

In light of this, why even use a crayon? The advantages of a crayon over, say, a pencil or pen are many, in my opinion. First of all, it appears much less discreet when it is given to a child.

After all, using a crayon to play or draw seems much more natural to a child than using a pen. Second, compared to many other writing instruments, crayons are much smaller and lighter to carry.

That’s not to say there aren’t a number of drawbacks to the Crayons that you should take into account. First off, crayons are quite brittle, so it’s likely that one will break into your pocket or wallet eventually. As I mentioned in the previous section, this repeatedly occurred when I tried carrying one for a week.

Second, crayons don’t require sharpening as pencils do, so you wouldn’t have to worry about the pencil breaking or the ink leaking if you ever needed to use this trick. Simply put, it’s more convenient and easier.

Finally, I want to dispel the myth that a crayon might melt in your pocket as a result of body heat. Officially Crayola has an article talking about the melting point of their Crayons. The melting point of crayons is between 120 and 147 degrees Fahrenheit, and they start to soften at about 105 degrees Fahrenheit (or 40.5 degrees Celsius).

As a result, given the temperature of the human body, it is highly unlikely that a crayon will ever melt or even soften as a result of body heat. So in this instance, this shouldn’t be a problem.

About Crayon

Put a Crayon in Your Wallet When Traveling

The tool used to draw or color is a crayon. Frequently, wax crayons in vibrant colors are used to make it. Crayons were created in 1824 by Englishman Derwent.

They are made to produce a range of colors on a surface of paper or to help in the creation of designs on materials like plaster and fabrics where oil-based paints cannot be applied.

Children and artists frequently use crayons to color in or draw on images that have been eraser-blackened.

Conclusion: Prepare a Crayon Now!

When traveling, having a crayon handy can be useful because it enables you to make marks on walls or ceilings that might be challenging to see or scale. You might want to think about keeping a crayon in your wallet the next time you travel if you like to always be prepared for anything.

From filling out paperwork to making a quick note, crayons can be useful for a variety of tasks. Additionally, they won’t take up much room in your wallet because of how small they are.


What is Crayon in the Wallet Trick?

You must use crayons wisely if you want to pull off the wallet trick. You should cut the crayon in half if your wallet folds in half before using it. Or, if your wallet is a little larger or has multiple folds, you can cut the crayon to fit the size of the wallet in its final state after folding. Put the crayon in your handy wallet, then use it.

Why Would You Carry a Crayon in Your Wallet?

When traveling, crayons come in handy because you’ll need to mark maps, signposts, and other crucial locations. Additionally, you can use them to jot down information that you might need. When traveling, using crayons as entertainment is a great idea.

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