Where To Put Your Baby To Sleep When Traveling? 7 Choices!

Where To Put Your Baby To Sleep When Traveling

Where to put babies to sleep while traveling is one of the trickiest issues. Baby should sleep in a pack and play, bassinet, portable crib, or crib when traveling. In this article, we introduce 7 places for your baby to sleep. Please read on and pick the one you like.

Best Places For Your Baby To Sleep When Traveling

Hotel Crib

You should find out if the hotel has a crib available for your child if you plan to spend the night(s) there. Many big hotels frequently give away a crib (or something comparable) for free, as you’ll discover.

If you’re lucky, you won’t have had to worry about packing your own travel crib or pack ‘n’ play.

Like any other baby item, you must make sure the hotel’s baby crib is dependable and suitable for use by young children.

Travel Crib

Most parents who travel find that a travel crib is the best option. The needs of travelers are taken into consideration when designing most.

Most travel cribs are not only portable but also fold up into a small size that fits neatly inside a small bag. They are simple to put together and take apart.

As a result, if you travel frequently, a travel crib is a wise investment. Another benefit of using a travel crib is that it can be used for both infants and toddlers.

Pack N Play

A pack n’ play or travel crib was probably on your list of necessary baby items when you were making it.

A portable baby crib called a “pack n play” is made to have multiple uses. You can put your baby in it to relax or use it as a playpen or crib.

Where To Put Your Baby To Sleep When Traveling

Bed Sharing

Of course, sharing a bed while traveling is a simple option that requires no equipment or planning. With my independent daughter, I was never much of a co-sleeper, but I have occasionally done it with my son.

The main drawback is that if you have a fussy child, you might not be able to sleep, especially if you’re not used to sleeping in a family bed.

Before you depart without a backup plan, make sure your final destination has a bed large enough for co-sleeping. 

Kidco Peapod

With a very thin mattress on the bottom that resembles a camping pad, the Peapod functions like a miniature pop-up tent. The PeaPod has a clear advantage over a Pack N Play because it is much smaller.

Due to the absence of the Pack N Play’s 30-pound weight restriction, it also has a longer lifespan. 

Toddler Air Mattress

We have used this item for many years as our go-to for both air travel and long drives. When folded, it is considerably smaller and surprisingly lightweight than a conventional twin-size air mattress.


A portable or travel bassinet is likely your best option for an infant travel bed if you’re taking a newborn with you.  

The majority of travel bassinets have a fitted sheet and a firm, well-fitting mattress that create a snug, secure sleeping environment for your baby.

Additionally, bassinets are lightweight, compact, and small enough to fit in a suitcase.

Factors To Consider When Planning Where Your Baby Will Sleep

Your Child’s Age

A newborn requires very different travel sleeping arrangements than an older toddler might need. As well as very different practical difficulties, different safety factors are undoubtedly at work.

Even with distractions, a young baby may be able to fall asleep without much difficulty, but a toddler who is more alert may find it difficult to sleep in a small hotel room. As your child gets older, be ready for your sleep plan to alter with each new trip.

Your Child’s Personality

A lot will depend on your child’s personality when choosing the best travel sleeping arrangement. I quickly discovered this lesson because I am a parent to two children with very distinct personalities.

In order to successfully sleep when we were traveling, my independent and active daughter required a quiet and private space. My sweet and cuddly son was content wherever it was cozy and close to mom.

Consider carefully whether a product is a fit for how your child rolls before buying it or packing it without ever trying it out!

Types Of Accommodations

The ideal sleeping arrangement will be greatly influenced by your lodging arrangements. In a hotel room, it can be challenging to decide where a young child should sleep.

Unless you choose suite-style hotels or adjacent rooms, there is frequently not much space and very little separation to block light and noise.

Different sleeping arrangements are usually more practical when traveling in a vacation home, condo, or even at grandma and grandpa’s house because there is typically more room and separation. 

Methods Of Travel

Last but not least, I always consider my mode of transportation for a specific trip. On a road trip, carrying bulkier sleeping equipment is much simpler than it is when traveling by air.

No matter the size, we pick the sleeping arrangement that works best for our child when we travel by car. We frequently have to make compromises when flying in order to use a more compact sleeping solution.

How To Get My Baby To Sleep While Traveling

Start With A Well-rested Baby

Even before we leave, we have a full schedule of errands to run, packing to complete, and loose ends to tie up. As a result, your days may become hectic, and your child’s sleep may be hampered.

Protect your baby’s sleep as much as you can before your trip to avoid having a sleep deficit when you arrive. A baby who is too tired almost always has a difficult journey.

Plan Accommodations Carefully

If your baby is used to sleeping in her own room at home, you should TRY to keep this up while you’re away. If your baby is not used to sharing her space, sharing a room can make for some difficult nights.

The ideal situation for ensuring that everyone has a restful night of sleep is to maintain your baby’s own sleeping space.

Pack The Essentials To Recreate The Baby’s Bedroom

As close as you can, try to recreate your baby’s usual nighttime environment. Bring your:

  • Sound machine 
  • Lots of pacifiers
  • Sleep sack/swaddle
  • Crib sheet
  • Bedtime routine essentials

Maintain Your Bedtime Routine While Away

The brain of your baby is alerted to impending sleep by a routine bedtime ritual. If you normally bathe, massage, dress in pajamas, feed, and then read a book to your child before putting her in the crib, carry on doing that while you are away.

Try To Get One Good Nap A Day

Whenever we go on vacation, we frequently try to fit in as many activities as we can. Unfortunately, having a cranky, overtired baby can make your carefully planned fun turn into a complete disaster.

If your child naps more than once per day, try to take a good morning nap at the hotel (or the residence where you are staying).

Allowing your baby to take a restful nap will allow you to get some work done, plan your day, enjoy some quiet time, or send someone out for coffee.

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