What to Wear to a Luau? Look Like a Local

What to Wear to a Luau? Look Like a Local

For the ideal balance of comfort and confidence, read up on what to wear to a luau like a local.

A luau is never the same as a typical Hawaiian-themed party that can be held in anyone’s backyard. It is one of the most traditional celebrations that best captures the spirit of the Hawaiian people. However, what to wear to a luau party remains a tricky question for everyone.

Although there isn’t a set attire for luaus, try to keep in mind that you are participating in a custom with a long history in Hawaii. If your wardrobe is primarily made up of raunchy t-shirts, you shouldn’t just show up in anything.

Within only 5 minutes of reading, you should be able to choose the best luau clothing ideas that bring a wonderful time and don’t make you look alone in a crowd.

Luau Outfits for Guys

Put on a nice new aloha shirt or show off a local tee.

It feels the opposite of normal because men typically dress a little fancier than women at luaus. A guy can dress however he wants to at a Maui luau, from Bermuda shorts and a polo to khakis and an Aloha, or Hawaiian shirt.

Even though some Maui luaus have a more formal atmosphere, pants are not required because everyone knows how hot Hawaii can get.

Even long board shorts and a Maui t-shirt are appropriate attire for a laid-back and enjoyable evening by the water. Don’t forget to wear your “slippahs,” too! Some cozy leather options with excellent arch support are available from Olukai and other brands. A lot of people on the island call these their “going-out slippahs” and don’t wear them to the beach.

Puka shell and Maui hook necklaces are popular accessories for men. On Front Street in Lahaina, you can find lovely items carved from cow or whalebone.

What to Wear to a Luau? Look Like a Local

Luau Outfit for Ladies

You might be more used to dressing to impress than most men are. There’s nothing stopping you from wearing a Hawaiian print top and teaming it with pants or shorts, although a vibrant floral sundress is always ideal for a Hawaiian luau.

Even though you might be tempted to up the ante by donning high heels, it’s much better to keep your feet a little closer to the ground. Hawaiian luaus frequently take place on soft, sandy grounds, making it difficult to move around and mingle while wearing heels, especially after a few mai tais.

The tropical look you’re going for is enhanced by sandals, which go with almost anything.

Consider bringing a light jacket in case the chilly evening breezes change, just like with the guys. You’ll feel like a star if you add a flower to your hair to complete your look!

Luau Outfits for Kids

Matchy-matchy or cozy-cozy?

Making sure children are at ease is the main rule. You don’t want to be fussing all night with your child’s clothes that are “too ugly/tight/stiff/etc.” A problem with being too loose is that they might get caught by a stray palm tree or bush. To avoid any complaints, make sure your children try their outfits on beforehand.

A family dressed in matching aloha-print clothes is one of the cutest options we come across. Dad is wearing a shirt, Mom is wearing a dress, and the kids are beaming right next to him in the same print. Additionally, you can use the photo from your Hawaiian luau as your holiday card.

What to Wear to a Luau? Look Like a Local

Boys typically dress to match their outfits at Maui luaus by wearing t-shirts or shirts with an aloha print, shorts, and sandals. Any of these children’s clothing items can be found in any island clothing retailer, including Walmart, Target, and Ross.

One Essential Accessory

Whatever you choose to wear, sunscreen is at least one item you shouldn’t forget. Sunscreen should be worn with any outfit, whether your arms are outstretched, your legs are unrestrained, or your face is taking the brunt of the Hawaiian sun.

When the tropical sun is still shining brightly, most luaus begin between 5:00 and 5:30 PM. Many of them include other activities even before that, so you might spend several hours in the sun. Avoid letting red blotches ruin the island style you’ve worked so hard to achieve!

DOs & DON’Ts for a Hawaiian Party Outfit

When selecting your attire for a Hawaiian party, there is something you should keep in mind.


  • Get to know trustworthy apparel brands

Consult reputable clothing manufacturers for advice if you have no idea what to wear to a Hawaiian party. This helps you save a ton of time when looking for the perfect Hawaiian shirt to fit you.

No matter how inexpensive the shirts are, keep an eye out for scratchy fabric materials like subpar polyester. They are uncomfortable to wear because of their rough texture and ease of wear.

  • Embrace the ideas of vintage-themed Hawaiian shirts and dresses

With such clothing, it should be simple for you to blend in at a Hawaiian party. The obvious choices to make without stopping are abstract and floral patterns.

Additionally, test-drive a few Hawaiian shirts with Cuban collars to see if they complement your fashion sense. For your information, the Cuban collar is a perfect example of a retro style that can look genuine and capture the true spirit of Hawaiian fashion.

  • Go beyond your comfort zone

For wearers’ comfort, Hawaiian shirts are frequently made of loose fabrics, which allows us to design a wide range of looks that suit our tastes. You can choose whether to wear the shirt tucked in or out, pair it with a vest or simple t-shirt, and wear sandals or shoes.

It is not hyperbole to say that, depending on your cunning, you can wear a Hawaiian shirt to both a casual meeting and a summer pool party.

Lastly, don’t forget about unique custom Hawaiian shirts. To demonstrate your authenticity and serve as an example for everyone, a little adjustment is sufficient.


  • Choose rigid fabrics for your Hawaiian party attire

Wearing something with that texture won’t be comfortable, and the party’s cozy and comfortable atmosphere can’t be matched. The best fabric to use is one that is loose and airy, like lightweight cotton or linen, which will not only enhance your appearance but also make you feel more at ease.

  • Wear a lot of showy costumes, especially overuse of colors

Instead of having a ton of neon lights flashing nonstop, the Hawaiian shirt or dress can be bright. To combat this, use pastel tones for better control over color schemes and fashion trends.

  • Make a dimmed and sad face

If you are not present to celebrate and have fun, your flawless Hawaiian party attire is meaningless. Remember that even when you are not necessarily on a real Hawaiian beach, your attitude and confidence are the best attire you can wear to present yourself.

Conclusion: Dress Like a Local

We’ve covered everything there is to know about Hawaiian party attire today. With the aid of these insightful pieces of advice, you can be certain to steal the show and exhibit your stylish look at a luau party.

We sincerely hope that this article was helpful to you in selecting the ideal attire for a night of enjoying Hawaiian cuisine, relaxing music, and live performances depicting the history of the islands.

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