Can You Bring Crystals On A Plane? Yes!

Whether you are new to spirituality or a longtime observer of spiritual practices, probability are you have encountered crystals. But what about bringing those valuable crystals on a plane? According to the TSA, you can carry rocks and crystals on a plane.

Can You Bring Crystals On A Plane

Crystals can be packed in carry-on luggage or placed in checked bags. Depending on the size, shape, and weight of the object, you may want to decide between carrying- on your crystals vs. placing them in a checked bag.

No matter the reason for retaining crystals, a common experience participated by numerous crystal owners is transporting them. numerous crystals can be precious and as a result, a person may not want to have them sequestered.

Since crystals can be delicate or veritably large, they bear a degree of care when being moved around. When bringing crystals on an airplane, this also means observing Transportation Security Administration( TSA) guidelines for safe transport.

Bringing Crystals On Domestic Vs International Flights

Domestic( USA) When flying domestically within the USA, you can bring crystals in both your carry-on bags and checked bags.

The UK doesn’t have any restrictions for traveling with crystals in either your carry-on bags or checked baggage.

Canada Canada also doesn’t have any restrictions on either your carry-on bags or checked baggage.

EU You won’t run into any issues flying with crystals when entering the EU or Europe.

Australia Australia also doesn’t have any restrictions.

As you can tell and will be pleased to know, anyhow if you’re flying domestically or internationally, you can take your crystals with you wherever in the world you’re flying to. You won’t run into any issues at any international field in the world.

What Is The Best Way Of Flying With Crystals

As there are no restrictions when bringing crystals on an airplane in your carry-on bags, this is where we suggest you pack them.

Your carry-on bags will be far less prone to damage than any particulars packed in your checked baggage. Still, if for whatever reason you want to pack your crystals in your checked baggage, it would be a good idea to buffer them well.

Belting the crystals in a couple of layers of clothes should be good enough to prevent damage.

How To Bring Crystals On A Plane


It’s accessible if you prefer to bring your crystals in your carry-on bag. It may give you the ease of mind of having them on your person. However, carrying them on ensures you have control and can help damage If they’re largely precious or fragile.

When bringing crystals on an airplane in a carry-on, TSA may be pickier about what they allow. When screening carry-ons, they’re looking for any objects that may be dangerous or used as a weapon. However, they may not pass through, If the demitasse( s) you’re traveling with is extra-large or sharp. lower crystals that are more compact and lightweight are frequently fine.

Checked Bags

As far as bringing crystals in a checked bag, you can do so freely. However, it would be stylish to place them in a checked bag to avoid an implicit security threat, If your crystals are sharp or fist-sized. That way, you can keep and travel with your crystals without fear of them being sequestered. When you do so, just be sure to wrap them in layers and buffer them well to help damage.

Still, consider concluding for your checked bag, If you’re doubtful whether your demitasse can be placed in a carry-on. Alternatively, you can consult the @AskTSA feature described below.

Considerations To Ensure Your Crystals Can Travel With You

How Large Is Your Crystal

Still, it should be placed in a checked bag, If it has implicit to be used as a weapon. While there are no laws against bringing crystals with you, the security checkpoint has the final say. Keep this in mind as you decide whether to check or carry on.

Another consideration might be the weight of the crystal. However, it should be placed in a checked bag, If the object is veritably heavy. Just be aware that there are frequent weight limits on luggage before packing away an especially hefty one! If you’re traveling with a large volume of crystals, you may want to review your airline’s luggage weight allowance.

 Is The Crystal Sharp

Similar to large weights and sizes, the shape of the crystal can be a factor. However, security may not allow you to board with it, If it has a sharp edge or point. Crystals with conchoidal fracturing can produce extremely sharp edges and pose a threat.

To that end, if what you’re trying to transport is an artifact(e.g. arrowheads, flint daggers), these are largely likely to be considered munitions. Though it’s an aged form of weapon, it could still be deemed unsafe.

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