How Many SNOO Sacks Do I Need? Two

SNOO Sacks

Small, medium, and large SNOO sacks are included with the purchase of the SNOO bassinet. Although the maker advises that the three pieces will suffice until the baby outgrows the SNOO, some parents feel the need to buy extras, thus the query. What number of SNOO sacks do I need? Two of each size are required.

What Is The SNOO

Babies 0 to 6 months old can use the SNOO bassinet. As soon as we returned from the hospital, we began using our SNOO. When you first see the SNOO, you might think, “Wow, it’s modern and really pretty,” which it is.

However, what you can’t see is what really distinguishes it from other similar products. An electronic bassinet called the SNOO gently rocks your baby while producing calming white noise, simulating the womb-like environment.

Depending on your baby’s noises, the SNOO smart sleeper’s built-in sound sensors adjust the bassinet’s motion intensity accordingly. For instance, if your baby starts fussing, the motion and sound will increase, and once the baby is calmed, it will decrease.

The SNOO will turn off if your baby’s crying continues for more than three minutes and notify you that your attention is required if your baby cannot be soothed.

Only once when he was napping did we receive this alert while our SNOO was right next to our bed, and the app promptly notified us.

The use of the SNOO is incredibly simple. A simple-to-use swaddle, the SNOO Sack only requires that you put your child inside, zip it up, and slide it on the sides of the SNOO bassinet.

SNOO Sacks

Because babies are supposed to sleep on their backs to prevent SIDS, this feature prevents your baby from rolling over.

Next, you activate the SNOO via the app or the switch on the front of the bassinet. It will not allow you to turn on the SNOO if the sack is not properly attached. A safety feature like this.

Benefits Of SNOO

Although they have been rated as one of the safest swaddles, SNOO sleep sacks should only be used with the SNOO bassinet. The following characteristics of the SNOO sack give it an advantage over competitors:

Easy To Use

Due to its two-way zipper, strategically placed armholes, and soft fabric that is easy to move in, the SNOO sack is very simple to put on. If your baby prefers to sleep with their arms out, you can simply unzip the arm openings.

The SNOO sack only takes you 5 seconds to wrap around the baby, unlike other swaddles that take practice to master.

Made Of Soft Materials

Swaddling involves wrapping the infant, and the material used should be soft and non-abrasive. The SNOO sack is made of a soft, stretchy material that is comfortable for the baby and simple to swaddle.

High-quality And Durable Material

Even after repeated use, the SNOO sack’s soft fabric remains intact and does not easily wear, tear, or change color. The SNOO BassiNest will last you for six months, despite the soft and delicate feel tempting you to believe it will wear out after just a few washes.

It Is Safe To Sleep In

The SNOO sack excels in this area, which is the main factor to take into account when purchasing baby sleeping sacks.

To ensure that your baby sleeps on its back the entire night, it is designed with special wings that are attached to the SNOO.

In order to promote free air flow and prevent overheating, it has breathable mesh on the shoulders and waist area.

Promotes Healthy Development

According to some studies, swaddling is not recommended because it prevents a baby’s healthy growth, particularly in the hip regions.

The SNOO sack, on the other hand, is an exception to this rule because it is loose from the waist down and allows the baby’s hips room to develop.

Extra Quiet Velcro

The armbands and leg flaps on the SNOO sack are designed to hold the baby together while it is being snuggled.

In order to prevent waking up the baby while changing a diaper at night, the band and flap have very quiet Velcro.

SNOO Purchases Come With Three Size SNOO Sacks

The SNOO is known as the safest baby bassinet available, and it includes all necessary accessories, including small SNOO sacks in the following sizes: 5-12 lbs., medium: 12-18 lbs. and large: 18-25 lbs.

The three sacks are sufficient to get you through the time you will be using the SNOO, but you can buy extras for the cloudy days.

How Many SNOO Sacks Do I Need

You should own three to six SNOO sacks, though the exact number depends on your preferences and financial capabilities. There are already three included with the SNOO bassinet, so you will need to buy one extra for every size. 

The purchase of additional SNOO sacks is not required. However, having extras is helpful in cases like not doing laundry or needing to change the baby at nighttime due to a spit-up or diaper accident.

Therefore, having extra is a good idea, but do not put pressure on yourself if you cannot afford it or do not want to.

Until the child outgrows the three SNOO sleep sacks that are included with the SNOO, many parents have attested to using them successfully.

Final Thoughts

Again, it depends on your circumstances, whether your child frequently vomits or has a lot of diaper explosions.

However, having at least three pieces of each size is your best bet. Or, if you want to save a little money, cut it into two pieces.

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