How Long Does It Take To Go Around The World?

Go Around The World

For the majority of people, exploring the world is among the most thrilling activities. Do you know how long it takes to travel around the world, though? In any case, it all depends on how you want to travel and how you do your global traveling.

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Using an aircraft is the most typical method of transportation.

But while you may travel a couple of hours at a time to get from your destination to the next, some people may choose to fly across the entire world at a single time. However, commercial aircraft won’t be the best method of doing that.

This might be done for fun or to attempt to break a world record. According to Reference, it would take you 51 hours to travel the circumference of the earth.

This figure, however, may change based on a variety of elements, including the type of aircraft, the number of stops, and the point of departure.

Traveling around the world by plane with no refuels may sound impossible but it has been attempted by various pilots before.

One of the more notable non-refueled flights around the world in 1986 was the Rutan Model Aircraft 76 Voyager.

American pilots Dick Rutan and Jeana Yaeger flew the plane. The pilots covered the entire globe in 9 days, 3 minutes, and 44 seconds while traveling at a speed of 116 miles per hour.

Despite the length of this time, modern airplanes can fly much faster due to advancements in technology. The GlobeFlyer was a historic attempt to fly around the globe in one continuous motion that took place more recently.

Richard Branson sponsored Steve Fossett’s record-breaking round-the-world flight in 2005, which was the fastest ever. Fossett traveled around the globe at a speed of 342 in 67 hours.2 miles per hour during this record flight – a huge improvement from the previous record in 1986.

Unfortunately, the fuel capacity of standard commercial aircraft prevents them from making a full circumnavigation on a single non-stop flight.

Currently, the longest passenger world flight is from Singapore to New York which takes a total of 19 hours. This can be accomplished by taking a flight on Singapore Airlines, which is conducted at extremely high altitudes.

Go Around The World


When it comes to traveling by train, many will tell you that the journey is more important than the destination. If you want to travel the world by rail, nothing could be truer.

Traveling around the world by train sounds like something straight out of Murder On The Orient Express but the This fictional experience has been made real by the British company Great Rails Journey. A 53-day ticket that travels the world by rail (of course in first class) is available from the company.

The journey begins in London and takes you to North America, where you can travel by plane and spend 20 glorious days discovering cities like Washington.DC, Denver, Chicago, and Los Angeles by rail.

For the remainder of the journey, which will only be made by rail, passengers will once more need to fly to Shanghai.

The train in Shanghai takes travelers to Moscow with a detour in Mongolia. From Russia, the train goes right back into Europe and travels across cities like the Czech Republic, Venice, and Vienna. The trip ends in London again.

The trip costs $36,500, even though for train enthusiasts it may sound like a dream. To make the experience as exclusive as possible, the total number of passengers is limited to 25.

If you enjoy rail travel, there are a lot of must-do train trips that will inspire you to travel and offer wonderful experiences.

Eastern and Oriental Express, Indian Pacific, and Blue Train are a few of the world’s longest train journeys. Every journey visits various parts of the globe.


Flying around the world may seem like the most obvious choice for many but exploring new destinations on a boat comes with fewer logistical issues.

For starters, you wouldn’t have to find lodging in every city you visit.

Sailing is one of the simplest ways to reach the earth because different continents are connected by waterways.

The trip will take you about three years if you sail around the world for leisure, stopping at various locations en route.5 years. However, if the journey rather than the final destination is the main focus, the journey can be completed in 40 days.

According to Improve Sailing, there are three different ways to sail the oceans and seas. If you are sailing non-stop and are on the right boat, even a fast one, it can take 100 days.

The second category of sailing is express sailing, which is perfect for novice sailors. In order to get food and supplies, requires two days of nonstop sailing followed by one day of docking. You’d need 1-2 years to complete this journey.

The final category—and presumably the most prevalent—is the leisure trip. The average day at sea for a sailor is 5 days on land. This gives you lots of time to take your time and thoroughly explore each place. Since the trip could take three to five years, time is of the essence.

Traveling by sea may come without the added burden of finding accommodation but the process of planning your journey takes a lot of time and preparation.

You will need to plan your route, the amount of time you spend at the dock, as well as take the weather and tide levels into account. But if you put your mind to it, you can travel the world by boat.


Walking around the world is a real possibility, despite how absurd it may sound. In fact, some people have tried to pull off the feat.

It takes an average person 20 million steps to circle the globe, depending on their health, tenacity, and patience. This requires a lot of mental fortitude and is by no means a simple accomplishment.

It is possible to walk the earth, but it takes significant mental and physical stamina. Before starting your journey, you would need to prepare for months.

It is still impossible to compare to the experience of traveling the world on foot in any city or nation you go to.

By exploring a new location on foot, you can get to know the locals and become more culturally immersed. The world may be more interconnected than you realize.

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