How Long Does It Take to Get from Homestead to Key West?


How far is Key West from Homestead (Florida)? Here’s everything you need to know before you go to key west and enjoy your vacation. Once you’ve read this post, you’ll know how far it is from Key West to Homestead.

How Long Does It Take to Get from Homestead to Key West by Plane?

So let’s say you have a private jet and can travel as quickly as possible in a straight line from Homestead, Florida, to Key West, Florida. Because of the curvature of the Earth, the shortest distance is actually the “great circle” distance, or “as the crow flies” which is calculated using an iterative Vincenty formula.

  • Flight distance: 103 miles or 166 km
  • Flight time: 42 minutes

The straight-line flight distance is 24 miles less than driving on roads, which means the driving distance is roughly 1.2x of the flight distance.

The flight takes about one-fourth as long as driving because your plane moves much more quickly than a car.

You might be considering booking a commercial flight, despite the fact that this private flight is relatively brief. In that case, your travel time would actually need to take into account how long it would take you to get to your local airport, wait for security, board and taxi on the runway, take off from the other airport, and arrive at your destination.

We presumed that you had a private plane and only wanted to know how long it would take to fly from city to city when performing the quick calculation above. However, the majority of us will be traveling on a commercial airline (whether in first class or coach).

The extra time spent getting to the airport, waiting for our flight, and traveling to the destination must therefore be taken into consideration.

We’ve created a flight itinerary with actual airports to give you a more accurate idea of how real-world travel would work. In the future, you’ll be able to alter this itinerary by picking the airports and flights that work best for you. But for the time being, here is an illustration of how traveling between airports might function that we have chosen.

  • Departure Airport: Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL)
  • Arrival Airport: Key West International Airport (EYW)

Based on the chosen airports’ distances from downtown, we can calculate the time needed to travel there and back.

  • Getting to the airport: 139 minutes
  • Getting to your destination: 4 minutes

Finally, let’s examine a real flight on Silver Airways Corp. from FLL to EYW and calculate the total flight time, including time for takeoff and landing as well as time spent taxiing on the runway.

  • Commercial flight time: 42 minutes

Finally, we have a rough idea of how long it will take to get from Homestead, Florida, to Key West, taking into account time spent getting to and from the airports, a 2-hour TSA security line wait at the airport, and the flight itself.

Total travel time: 5 hours

How Long Does It Take to Get from Homestead to Key West by Car?

Consider the scenario where you are actually considering taking a road trip to Key West and want to make a stop to explore. If you’re taking a real road trip, you might want to stop at some cool locations along the way or eat at a fantastic restaurant. Trippy is ideal for helping you meticulously plan your travel itinerary.

  • Road trip: 1 day of driving

We can calculate your total travel time for this trip now that the entire itinerary is known.

  • Travel time: 3 hours on the road

In Homestead, Florida, you can begin. Drive for about 41 minutes, then stop in and stay there for about an hour. Next, drive for another 1 hour then stop in the marathon and remain for an hour. Drive for 1 hour then stop to Spend an hour at Blue Heaven Restaurant.

Finally, drive for about 5 minutes and arrive in Key West.


What is the Cheapest Way to Get from Homestead to Key West?

Bus transportation from Homestead to Key West costs between $21 and $85 and takes 6 hours and 42 minutes.

What is the Fastest Way to Get from Homestead to Key West?

The quickest way to get from Homestead to Key West is to drive which costs $30 – $50 and takes 2h 55m.

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