How Much Money Should I Take to Barbados?


You probably want to know how much it costs to travel to Barbados. Depending on when you travel, as well as the hotel or resort you pick, prices can vary considerably. You can find the answer by reading the article.

How much cash will you require to travel to Barbados? The average daily cost based on the expenditures of other visitors is B$607 ($306), so you should budget this amount for each day of your vacation in Barbados. The average cost of meals for one day for previous tourists was B$154 ($78), and the average cost of local transportation was B$49 ($25).

How Much Does a Trip to Barbados Cost on Average?

My calculations include all the fundamentals and their typical costs in this reference. I’ll be showing you how much the following will cost:

  • Somewhere to sleep
  • Somewhere to eat
  • A way to get around
  • Something to do (nightlife, beach days, and everything in between)

It would be wise to state upfront that prices for travel to Barbados are subject to change and, in all likelihood, will be higher next week than they are now.

It’s also important to keep in mind that island countries aren’t typically thought of as great cheap travel destinations. In Barbados, there are certainly ways to pinch pennies and get by, but traveling to this idyllic island is all about extravagance.

Budget travel should be reserved for South American Hostels; a true taste of island life will cost a little bit more.

The Bajan Dollar is the official currency of Barbados, but the quotes in this article will be in US dollars. 1 USD is equivalent to 2.02 BDS as of June 2022. Calculations are incredibly simple as a result. To calculate the exact strain on your checking account, divide each local price in half.

Airfare to Barbados

Depending on where you’re coming from and the time of year you fly, the cost of a flight to Barbados can vary considerably. Your flight will probably cost you $475, but it’s possible that it will only cost you $350 to $750.

Fly between mid-April and mid-December, which is the low season, if you’re looking for cheap flights to Barbados. Remember that when you book an all-inclusive package, your flight is typically included, which can cause your overall costs to decrease slightly. Your cost per day will decrease if you extend your trip to Barbados by a second week.

If you’re a Canadian, you might want to think about applying for one of the top Canadian travel credit cards to help defray your expenses by accumulating points. For instance, the American Express Platinum Card offers a generous welcome bonus that is frequently worth more than $900.

You can also get an airport lounge pass with the Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite card, which has no foreign transaction fees.

Accommodations in Barbados

Your trip to Barbados can include a wide range of lodging options. A Barbados all-inclusive resort, a rental house, or a wilderness retreat are all options for lodging. Your decision is ultimately up to you.

In Barbados, a single person’s hotel room costs on average B$379 per night. The average cost of a hotel room in Barbados for a couple sharing a standard double-occupancy room is B$758.

Due to the abundance of options on the island, keep in mind that Airbnb is another choice.

Hostels in Barbados

Although hostels are a broke traveler’s best friend, you won’t have much of a place to hide in sunny Barbados. The good news is that there are a few inexpensive hotels on the island, and their rates per night are comparable to those of the scattered hostels you might find in Australia or Europe.

The bad news is that some of the reviews are extremely gruesome. There is always a limit to how much a budget traveler will put up with. This is especially true after a day of rum.

Airbnb’s in Barbados


You can find a few huts and private rooms in Barbados for as little as $17 per night when searching for vacation rentals there. But in Barbados, a full residence typically costs $397 per night.

The fact that such a small island manages to host more than 400 stays at rates higher than $1450 per night significantly skews this statistic.

Realistically, there are about 30 hotels with rates under $150 per night and still excellent reviews and service. Apartment living is all about having a private experience. While there may be no open bar and much less staff at these establishments, there is a full kitchen and more personal space.

Local Transportation in Barbados

Despite the fact that using public transportation in Barbados initially seems difficult, it is actually quite dependable. You can travel to the major attractions for just $1 USD per ride on buses operated by the Barbados Transport Board (blue).

Minibusses and mini taxis, which are available much more frequently than local buses, are another well-liked form of transportation. You can expect to pay around $5 USD per person for a one-way ride.

There are taxis as well, but none of them have meters. Ask your hotel for an estimate of the cost of a taxi before you leave so you can haggle prices.

If you’re looking for a private driver, many taxis can also be rented out by the hour. Depending on the number of people in your party, rates range from $40 to $50 USD per hour, but this can still be a good deal since you can visit many of the island’s most popular attractions in just a few hours.

You’ll need a driver if you’re visiting any land-based attractions, though some excursions, like catamaran tours, include transportation.

In general, you should set aside $75 USD for local transportation, but the exact amount will depend on how frequently you’ll leave your hotel and whether you’ll require a private driver for a few hours.

Food in Barbados

How long it takes for anything that isn’t grown on an island to reach the shelves is an unspoken aspect of island life. The cost of imported food in Barbados isn’t cheap, though you might not notice it at an all-inclusive, which usually offers the same food you’re used to.

Your accommodation, particularly whether or not you have a kitchen, should have a significant impact on your food budget. It should be simple to convince yourself that spending a few dollars more on a nicer Airbnb will allow you to spend more time in the kitchen, but keep in mind that this is a vacation.

What You Can’t Miss

  • Cou Cou and Flying Fish – The national dish of Barbados is flying fish. The cou cou is a combination of cornmeal and okra that come together to make a saucy coating for a delicious fish dish that you can find for $7
  • Pudding and Souse – Saturdays are Souse time. This beloved weekend treat of sweet potatoes and pork can be purchased at various vans for $5, or you can simply go to the Sous factory to purchase it there.
  • Macaroni Pie – One of the most popular sides on any traditional $10 lunch special is what Bajans simply refer to as “pie.”
  • Roti – One of the most well-liked Bajan street foods is a chicken and potato roti, which is also one of the most affordable and satisfying snacks on the island for less than $1 per roti.

Where to Eat Cheaply in Barbados

You shouldn’t anticipate finding the best deals or the freshest produce at the supermarket. However, eating out frequently will always drive up the cost of your trip significantly. The best way to experience Barbados’ cuisine without blowing your entire budget is to tread a fine line between the two.

In contrast to restaurants serving up fancier western plates, you can find cheap and plentiful fried fish, fresh rice, and salads in any town on the island. This will give you a more affordable and authentic experience.

  • Oistin’s Fish Fry – On every Barbados itinerary, Oistins should be included. For ten dollars, you can purchase a plate that includes fresh fish, rice, and macaroni pie. Every Friday night, reggae music, inexpensive rum, and good times can be heard all around.
  • Barbados food vans – The Caribbean is known for its food trucks. Traditional minivans are used to deliver some of the island’s best ribs to customers. In the vicinity of Bridgetown, it is best to search for these vans during lunchtime. The place to be is outside one if a line is beginning to form. You can purchase traditional Bajan dishes like Oxtail Stew for $12.
  • Chefete’s – The largest fast food chain in Barbados offers some regional specialties like Roti and Buy One Get One Pizza, making it a great place to go for quick meals after a day of drinking rum on the beach. Wraps start at $8, and combo platters cost $37.5 to feed the entire family.

Alcohol in Barbados

The oldest rums on earth were created on Mount Gay, as Bajans will be the first to inform you. Barbados is no different from other Caribbean destinations in that there is no such thing as a happy hour.

No trip would be complete without partaking in the island’s rum cult, which is a local religion. Alcohol is easily accessible and strongly recommended. In Barbados, it would be a miracle if you could go an entire day without passing a bar or a liquor store. Several beach bars and the downtown area of Bridgetown come alive at night.

  • Banks Beer – the national beer is also the cheapest at $4 a bottle.
  • Mount Gay Rum – The Barbados tourism sector takes great pride in this. Even though this rum is the oldest on the planet, it is still fairly cheap. Mount Gay bottles typically cost $20.

You can anticipate paying rates that are comparable to those at American or British bars. Cocktail prices will increase as a bar gets closer to the beach, but at a more expensive club, you can anticipate paying around $10 for a premium drink or beer.

If you want to cut costs, you can get a bottle of local rum for as little as $10 and enjoy a quiet spot on the beach.

Drinking at home can save you money, but if you plan your night out carefully, you should be able to find many 2-for-1 happy hour deals.



In general, during a weeklong visit to Barbados, most visitors will take two excursions or attractions, costing them about $200. Plan for three to four excursions and a slightly higher spending limit for attractions if your trip to Barbados will last two weeks. It is entirely up to you what attractions you visit, but listed below are a few of the most well-liked activities in Barbados.

The best way to snorkel, though, is on a Catamaran cruise or boat tour, which can cost anywhere from $80-150 per person, depending on how long you want to spend at sea. Various boat tours are available that can take you to shipwrecks or deep-sea fishing.

Additional Costs of Travel in Barbados

The aforementioned factors all contribute to a fantastic trip, but traveling is all about the unexpected. There will always be unexpected expenses, hopefully, in the form of great deals on souvenirs, thrift store finds, and cheesecakes.

Realistically, you should leave some money in the budget for expenses like luggage storage, toll roads, and replacing a few misplaced items along the way.

10% of your overall budget should function like a rainy day fund—a money stash full of cash you hope not to touch but won’t second-guess spending.

If the bottom ever drops out, having a budget barrier concealed behind emergency glass makes it much easier to take the gut punch.

Tips for Saving Money in Barbados

Barbados is not a haven for poor backpackers. The island’s economy is centered on serving the rich and famous, but it also has a very real side that is worth exploring. If you live like a local, you can enjoy the rum and fresh catch without going overboard with your spending.

  • Budget plenty of beach days – Escape from everyday commotion is the main goal of island life. Why try to cram 16 different walking tours and four adventure treks into a two-week trip? Just grab a few Mount Gay bottles and enjoy the sunshine.
  • Haggle: Never consider the first price you are given to be the final price. Practice your negotiating techniques.
  • Don’t be naive: Leave your gullibility at home because there are con artists out there.
  • Pack hiking shoes – Despite having a total area of fewer than 500 kilometers, Barbados has a lot of fantastic hikes that are all fee-based.
  • Ask the locals where they eat – The majority of Bajans are always willing to lend a hand, especially if it means bringing in some business for their favorite souse restaurant.
  • Have a water bottle: Carry your own water and fill it up at fountains and the tap instead of spending money on plastic bottles. If you’re concerned about drinking water, invest in a filter bottle like the GRAYL, which eliminates 99% of viruses and bacteria.
  • Earn money while you travel: Working remotely will undoubtedly help you afford to live and work in Barbados, one of the best places in the world to be a digital nomad.
  • Don’t count every penny – Not here should you try to make ends meet. A visit to an island like this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so go with a full-on holiday mindset about spending money and just have some fun!

Final Thoughts

What does it cost to travel to Barbados then? Depending on the hotel you stay at and the excursions you take, you might easily spend much more than the $2,305 I’ve estimated. Spending less is also a possibility if you only intend to stay in an Airbnb and prepare all of your meals there.

In Barbados, spotting minivans is the most important way to save money. They offer some incredibly inexpensive means of transportation as well as (thankfully separately) inexpensive dining options that just so happen to be some of the island’s most deliciously authentic restaurants.

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