What Is A Professional Traveler? 15 Tips

What Is A Professional Traveler

Around the world, more and more people decide to give up their 9 to 5 jobs and start traveling full-time. But how can one become a professional traveler? The monthly cost of your cell phone, your health insurance, your rent, or your car payment are examples of fixed costs. How can I make money while I’m on the road? You can discover more about a professional traveler by reading this article.

What Makes A Professional Traveler

A person who travels full-time is one who spends the majority of their time discovering new locations without a permanent home base. The majority of seasoned travelers have some form of online income or rely on passive income to support their full-time travel lifestyle. 

As with everything, there are advantages and disadvantages to living on the road full-time. You won’t be able to bring very many belongings with you as a full-time traveler, and everything must fit into just a few bags.

You can avoid bringing along things you hardly use by living a minimal lifestyle and only bringing what is necessary. 

Being away from friends and family for prolonged periods of time can make it feel lonely at times, and many business travelers struggle to maintain a social life while they are away.

If you’re interested in finding out how to travel professionally, you should think about this. Fortunately, there are a growing number of venues, such as coworking spaces, Facebook Groups, and traveler meetups, where like-minded remote workers can be found.

Tips To Travel Like A Professional Traveler

Be Prepared

A seasoned traveler is always ready.

  • They are aware that their passport has well over six months left on it.
  • They have completed all necessary paperwork and done their research on the visa and entry requirements for the countries they are visiting.
  • For nations that issue visas upon arrival, they have extra passport photos.
  • They have some cash in local currency and a travel card that doesn’t charge for international transactions (see point 3)
  • They have adequate travel insurance (see point 2)
  • They’ve downloaded Express VPN or something similar to their phone (see point 7)
  • They’ve unlocked their phone so as to use local sims to save money (see point 8)

They probably will also have a pre-made list of their travel necessities and know exactly what to pack for each climate.

I’ve forgotten things like contact lens solution, glasses, and once all of my underwear while traveling to Spain with my mother.

However, it’s best to be ready. Of course, you can purchase almost anything you forget.

Have Adequate Travel Insurance

A seasoned traveler will always make sure they have enough travel insurance for the destinations they’re visiting and the activities they’ll be engaging in.

Have Some Local Currency & A Travel Card

Some developing nations may not have an ATM at the airport or a way to get cash, though these instances are now thankfully very rare.

It’s best to exchange your money before leaving for the airport at banks, credit unions, or exchanges in your hometown because airport exchanges are known for charging more.

Although the rates are still less favorable, you can exchange money online.

Travel Lightly

Those who travel frequently do so in comfort. My sister and I recently traveled for three weeks through Nepal, India, and the Maldives with just a 7kg backpack each.

Having everything you need in one small bag allows you to travel light because you won’t have to wait for your luggage when you arrive in your destination country and there won’t be any luggage-related problems.

Photo Sales On Websites

If you are an enthusiastic and talented photographer, you can make a passive income while you travel by selling your images on various websites. The demand for new photographers to contribute to the growing number of stock photo websites.

Among the many websites available, consider Shutterstock or Adobe Stock to monetize your images or video clips. You can allow others to use your photos and videos for a fee and receive a small payment each time someone buys them by selling the rights to them. 

What Is A Professional Traveler

Teach Something Online

The most popular way to begin a career as a professional traveler is likely to be through online teaching.  The “Test of English as a Foreign Language,” or TOEFL, is required to work as an online English teacher and is offered online and in some language schools.

Most language schools around the world as well as numerous universities accept the test.  English teachers are in great demand, particularly in Eastern Asia, and can earn good salaries given the amount of work required.

The difficulty comes from the various time zones because you might be forced to plan your travels around avoiding working at night. When picking a business to work with, keep this in mind.

Know How To Access Lounges

An experienced traveler is aware that most airport lounges charge a fee to enter, even if they are not flying business or first class. Therefore, travelers who have a layover of three hours or longer will probably use the airport lounges to eat, drink, and freshen up before their connecting flight.

Revolut & Monzo are two of the travel cards mentioned above that also offer discounted access to airport lounges.

Know When To Board A Plane

A seasoned traveler knows to wait until everyone has boarded a flight if it is not crowded so they can check for empty rows or seats that are more evenly spaced to improve the flight’s comfort.

An experienced traveler knows to arrive early if the flight is crowded so they can store their bag in front of them and avoid getting stuck trying to get their bag from behind them when the plane lands.

Have A VPN Downloaded On Your Phone

A few years ago, I suddenly realized I couldn’t access Google when I arrived at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport late in the evening.

Aside from that somewhat stressful experience, using a VPN while traveling has been useful for accessing bank accounts, viewing local websites in English, and finding flight deals, among other things.

Purchase A Local Sim

Depending on where you’re from and what phone operating contract you have depends on roaming rates.

In my opinion, roaming costs are exorbitant and there are much less expensive options for connecting to WiFi and staying in touch while traveling.

As you pass through the airport in most nations, you’ll probably be given the option to use a local SIM. In the event that it does not, a phone store will be nearby.

Depending on the type of trip you’re taking, it can be nice to take a break from using the internet occasionally. However, having internet access is necessary if you operate an online business as we do.

Create (digital) Travel Guides

A travel guide is a comprehensive manual on a particular location or mode of transportation. If you’ve lived somewhere for a while, you probably know a lot of insider information that most tourists might not know.

Although having your own travel blog can undoubtedly help establish your authority, it is not a requirement for selling travel guides.

Partnership With Brands, Hotels, And Travel Brands

Partnering with companies, hotels, or even airlines is a great way to travel more affordably. Consider working with brands as an influencer if you have a sizable social media following.

This position entitles you to compensation for promoting services or goods on behalf of brands. For a business traveler, this entails getting in touch with hotels or tourism boards in the locations you intend to visit.

Learn A Few Words Of The Local Lingo

A seasoned traveler will be familiar with common greetings and requests in the local tongue, including “hello,” “goodbye,” “thank you,” and “please.”

A true professional will also know how to request a cold beer, but that’s the subject of another article.

Only Book 1 Or 2 Nights Initially

A seasoned traveler who is switching between cities or nations fairly quickly will initially only reserve a hotel room for one or two nights to make sure they are where they need to be and that they enjoy the area.

Have A Pre Prepared Bucket List And Book Trips Up Front

There’s nothing worse than traveling across the world only to discover they’re closed or sold out, so it’s a good idea to make reservations in advance for trips or adventures you’re certain you’ll enjoy.

To plan trips in advance and avoid disappointment, visit websites like tripadvisor.com, klook.com, or getyourguide.co.uk.

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