12 Best Campfire Games For Adults: Go Camping With Friends Now!

12 Best Campfire Games For Adults

One of the most enchanting activities when camping with adult friends is gathering around the fire. As time goes on, though, you might find it to be a little monotonous; it’s human nature to get bored with things that don’t change all the time and with things that keep happening.

The opportunity for endless silliness, fun, and laughter among adult friends increases when some hilarious campfire games are included. Please continue reading if you’re interested in learning more about adult campfire games.

Fortunately & Unfortunately

This entertaining storytelling game encourages imagination among those adults who gathered around the campfire and displays people’s fantasies.

Following is the fundamental premise: Fortunately, the whale swam away, or something similar, is the opening statement made by the first player chosen to go.

The second person then proceeds by expanding on the opening sentence of the story with their own regrettable statement, such as “Unfortunately, the ocean opened up into a whirlpool.” Returning to their own fortunate statement, the third person in line does so.

Two Truths & A Lie

The classic game of “two truths and a lie” can be played with a large adult group or by dividing into two teams. It’s also a perfect icebreaker for new friends to learn more about each other.

One player begins the game by making three statements about themselves, two of which are true and one of which is false. Next, your group or team must guess which of the statements you believe to be false.

This game can really bring out people’s wacky sides when alcohol is involved. A drink is consumed whenever someone gets the lie’s identity wrong.

20 Questions

The 20-question game is a captivating and enjoyable activity for your upcoming camping trip with adult friends and family. You may have listened to this one while driving, but let’s turn it up and have some fun with it now!

It is taken up by one willing participant. It is this person’s responsibility to come up with a location, a famous person, or an item. The other players try to guess what the “it” person is thinking of by asking yes-or-no questions.

However, because there are only 20 questions to correctly answer, the group must be deliberate in how they choose their guesses. Whoever has the correct guess first, is the winner.


A long-standing custom, this is. This demonstrates the extent to which our ancestors transmitted their customs thousands of years ago.

Around the campfire, there are numerous ways to tell tales. You can all contribute a little to the same story or take turns telling different stories, both true and made up.

A great way to make memories and laughs is through group storytelling. Even after you and your friends have settled into your tent, you might still tell the story.

Would You Rather

12 Best Campfire Games For Adults

Would You Rather is one of the best campfire games to enjoy with adult friends and family. This is yet another classic campfire game to enjoy with adult friends and family. It’s a great way to learn more about your friends to make them choose between two equally unappealing options. The results can be shocking at times.

Create two options for the person to choose from: Which would you choose—stumbling over a table or walking on thumbtacks?

The only thing holding you back is your imagination. It’s also funny to make your players justify their decision. When deciding which terrible action to take, some people engage in lengthy thought processes.

Who’s Afraid Of The Dark

Playing hide-and-seek in the dark while frightening your friends to death. The objective of this game is to frighten the seeker rather than try to hide from them. Using flashlights and exercising caution when running around in the dark can prevent accidents.

This game is not for the timid; even with a flashlight, a nighttime foray into the forest can be terrifying. Add someone jumping out of nowhere and your heart might leap out of your chest.

It’s a little risky; to avoid unforeseen circumstances in the wilderness, you could rather hide in your tent. Who’s Afraid Of The Dark is one of the best campfire games to enjoy with adult friends and family.

Jelly Bean Roulette

It does take some planning to accomplish this. Especially a package of flavor-infused jelly beans, many of which have terrible flavors. Perfect would be a Jelly Belly product like Bean Boozled. These flavors range from rotten egg to watermelon.

2 people go head to head and choose identical-looking jelly beans. The one that tastes terrible could or might not be obtained. This game is not recommended for those who are easily offended. It is another best campfire game to enjoy with adult friends and family.

6 Degrees Of Kevin Bacon

Strangely, Kevin Bacon has been turned into a video game. It’s evidence of how many movies he’s made and the people he’s collaborated with. The regulations are fairly basic. Take any actor, and the person after you name another actor they have collaborated with and the film or television program they appeared in.

This keeps going until Kevin Bacon is six steps or less removed from the original actor. Your film knowledge will be put to the test by this. It is the best campfire game to enjoy with adult friends and family.


This game can only be played once, so choose your timing carefully as it can be hilarious when done correctly. It only functions with a group of individuals who are reasonably well acquainted.

Choose three to four knowledgeable players to sit opposite those who are attempting to deduce the conditions of the players. The ‘condition’ that the players have is that they have adopted the personality of the person to their right.

Any player may be questioned by a guesser, and that player must respond as they believe the player to their right would. The next question is asked if they provided the correct response, at which point nothing further is said.

12 Best Campfire Games For Adults

However, if they guess incorrectly, the person they’re supposed to be imitating shouts switch, and the players switch places, adopting the new person who is on the right.

An additional layer of confusion can be added if a guesser thinks they know the answer and secretly informs one of the players. If they are correct, they can then join them on the couch.

It is another best campfire game to enjoy with adult friends and family.

Animal Noises

Your adult friends and family group will have a good time playing this simple but enjoyable adult campfire game. Just get to know each other well enough to remember each other’s names.

In the center, a person wearing a blindfold stands. Everyone begins to circle that person in a wide arc. Alternatively, you can have someone spinning the person in the middle around until they are disorientated.

The person in the middle will yell “Stop,” ordering everyone to stop moving lest they be stopped by the “spinner.” The “spinner” will then, at random, point to someone in the circle and announce the name of an animal.

The person they are pointing at must then imitate the animal’s sound. The person in the middle continues unless they can identify the source of the noise and then switches places with them.


It is the best campfire game to enjoy with adult friends and family.

Empires are at their best when played with a group that is eager to share its best secrets! Although it works well once or twice within the same group because it can be challenging to come up with good secrets, this game is great for generating conversation.

As the judge, one person will secretly record one interesting fact from each player. They will also concoct an additional two to three untrue facts or names.

Everybody takes a turn guessing which fact or person belongs to whom before they all have their answers read aloud, including the made-up one.

They get another chance if they guess correctly, and if they do, the person joins their empire (they can use the newly stolen person to guide their next guess). However, if it’s incorrect, the subsequent person gets a chance.

The game is over when someone has defeated everyone, and if you correctly guess someone who has already defeated others, you also defeat them and everyone else in their empire.

Try Not To Laugh Challenge

Do people in your group find you to be funny? Then you should play this game with adult friends and family by the campfire. The other participants take turns trying to make the person who has water in their mouth laugh and spit it out.

In that round, the person who makes them laugh wins. To succeed, be eccentric, creative, and outrageous. And don’t laugh.

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