How To Store Camping Chairs: 13 Great Ideas For Camping Chairs

You can shop camping chairs in unused areas of your home. They can additionally be saved in the garage. Camping chairs don’t get common use. While most of them are foldable, storing them can be an issue.

How To Store Camping Chairs

Hang Camping Chairs On The Wall

You can get neat wall storage for your storage or storage area. This will keep valuable flooring house for all the different door matters that can’t be hung up on the wall.

Hanging From The Garage Ceiling Or Storage Room Ceiling

The ceiling of the storage is a location that’s frequently ignored for storage. This house can typically be repurposed for handy storage. As one of the pinnacle locations to keep cumbersome tenting goods, the ceiling beside the auto is the place you can shop most of your tenting gear, inclusive of tenting chairs.

Buy A Small Shed

Small sheds are inexpensive and environment friendly as rapid storage solutions. You can purchase a small shed for the outside the place you can save most of your tenting tools such as folding chairs, the tent, or tenting stoves.

Consider Crawl Space Around Your Home

The crawl house regularly goes unused. The house below the deck or the stairs of your basement is perfect for storage. These are areas that commonly don’t shape different kinds of merchandise however they work properly for tenting gear.

Behind A Washer

The washing desktop is commonly observed in basements, the laundry room, or even in the garage. The area in the back of the washing desktop is typically occupied by way of the strength wire or the water pipe of the washer.

In The Attic

The attic is one of the most important storage spots of a home. You can deliver tenting chairs up to the attic as they’re lightweight. An attic is generally a region that attracts dust. This is why you need to cowl up the tenting chairs both in a storage bin or in plastic luggage to preserve them in first-rate condition. I advise clear containers so that you can see the place the tenting chairs are whilst packing for a trip.

In The Basement

The basement is one of the best storage areas as it’s out of sight. You can keep tenting chairs in the basement as long as there are no humidity troubles in the space. Humid dusty basements desire mold formation and they can impregnate an awful odor in your tenting chairs. This is why now not all basements are appropriate for storage tenting chairs.


You can additionally keep some tenting chairs outdoors. You can save them in an outside storage box. You ought to additionally use a tenting chair wall organizer that can be hung on the outer wall of your domestic or your storage when you lack storage space. This would possibly be a brief answer however it can flip into a permanent storage option.

Storage Bins

Retail stores, like Target and Walmart, promote big storage containers for a special low cost. You can additionally locate boxes online that are mainly designed for chairs of a number of sizes.

Giant Cabinets

Do you have a one-car garage? You can healthy your chairs in a giant cupboard or locker that you preserve tucked away in the corner.

Under A Work Bench

Lay down a piece of tarp or a historic blanket and region your chairs on the pinnacle under your workbench. They’ll be handy to take out as soon as you have a want for them.

Create Loft Space

Your ceiling is unused space! Simply hang up essence hooks, racks, or shelves from the top, and you can keep your chairpersons and other cabinetwork off the bottom.

Stack-On Top Of Each Other

Some out-of-door chairpersons don’t fold unrestricted or are too big for storehouse bins. However, mound them on top of one another in a corner of your garage and store them underneath a defensive cover, if that’s the case.

How To Hang Folding Chairs On A Wall

Step 1: Find two pieces of 1 x 4 timber. You can get these wood pieces at a tackle store or find them in a scrap yard.

Step 2: Cut each board so it’ll fit between the legs of your folding president. Make sure each board is the exact same length.

Step 3: Space each board across from each other, so they end up deposited at either end of the president’s legs. Fasten them to the wall with 3 screws, making sure each piece tilts overhead by about 30 degrees.

Step 4: Hang your folding chairpersons onto the boards. There should be enough space for at least one president to securely hang.

How To Keep Your Camping Chairs Clean?

Your tenting chairs get uncovered to all varieties of environments when camping. So, naturally, they will get dusty and soiled over time. Maintenance care is very essential due to the fact this will forestall your tenting chairs from degrading. You don’t always have to deep easy your tenting chairs if it is now not needed. You can use a gentle bristle brush to put off dirt, crumbs, and dust.

You should additionally use a vacuum cleaner to make the procedure easier. Still, you can use warm water with dish-washing cleaner, If smut is still not removed by the brushing system. drop the material with a sponger and wash well. Allow it to dry to avoid molds, mildew, and malodorous fully.

To help your camping chairpersons from getting dirty: 

  • Avoid placing them in an area where they might get wet.
  • Place them high enough in your storehouse place to ensure that they stay dry.
  • Avoid using your chairpersons in the slush as this will bear further thorough cleaning.

Final Thoughts

Storing tenting chairs around the residence is a count number of spaces. Not all residences have ample storage areas for everyday items. But tenting is one of these things to do which comes with masses of tenting gear. Camping chairs are a should when it comes to tenting alleviation however they can be tough to save when now not in use.

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